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  1. Sydney
    We have all had this, I'm sure, even before the new fixed fares, but the kiddies do try it on, don't they, now the fixed fares are in effect. I automatically ask them to "update the destination, please", and mostly they do so, but I had one outside the Crowie the other day, but wanted to take...
  2. Advice
    Hi y'all! Can anyone tell me--if I set a destination in Uber and then get ride requests, can I assume that those riders are headed to my destination? It seems like a no-brainer, but I was in hurry to get home and I wasn't sure if all those requests were headed my way. Please help!! UberGalYear1
  3. Sydney
    Hi guys, I woke up this morning with an idea and thought I'd share it with you just as a bit of a conversation starter :) I DID run a search to see if the same idea had been raised before but couldnt see where it had... please feel free to correct me if I've missed it. The premise is simple...
  4. Denver
    Before the lot opened I was using set-destination and was working very well for me. For some reason it has been cut off by Uber. Lyft destination-function is still live and works. I asked some drivers at the lot to comment but seems they did not care some much of it. Comments please:)
  5. Seattle
    Is the "set destination" available right when you download the app? or you have to earn it? Has anyone tried to set it really far away (60 miles max i believe?) to get multiple long rides using uberX? If yes, successful or not? Share do's and don't's on that long ride.
1-5 of 5 Results