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  1. Canberra
    Email received by Canberra drivers at 12.00 noon on Thursday 18 July 2019: Hi Jack BeNimble, On [Monday] 29 July 2019, a new Addendum to the Uber Service Agreement will be surfaced in the Uber Driver app. When you sign into your Uber Driver app on or after that date, you will need to agree to...
  2. Advice
    So Today Feb 6, 2016 - I thought I'd go earn some before the super bowl 50 - but uber has a service fee addendum they want me to read before agreeing to the terms- only problem is I cannot read it cause when I tap on the link it does not materialize. I'm alittle peeved -especially cause I'm so...
  3. San Francisco
    Has anyone else received this new addendum? If driving on or after Sept 2014, fee increases to 25%. This seems a bit unreasonable considering how much UBER has decreased their prices to the riders over the last year which directly effect the drivers profits. Not to mention they increased...
1-3 of 3 Results