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  1. Lyft
    To the driver who hurt my service dog today, I’m going to sleep easy knowing your day was ruined after getting deplatformed. Good job buddy, you deserve it :) have fun being unemployed!
  2. Complaints
    Hey guys...how many of you guys have got their accounts deactivated due to a rider falsely accusing you of denying a service dog? This happened to me last year in Washington DC... a woman no showed for a ride and after I had cancelled the ride, She walked up to my car and tried to get in.... and...
  3. Advice
    Here it is! The ultimate service dog guide (it's long, you've been warned hehe). The result of years of education and training on the ADA (with a focus on service dogs for obvious reasons), and the culmination of many, many posts here on the subject. Title III of the ADA: Public Accommodations...
  4. Advice
    Incentives for those paxes with extra luggage, because we love them! :D And a fold up dog box, for you know what!
  5. Boston
    http://a.co/1r61fgo If you don't already have one, this one is 62% off until all claimed. They are going fast. I just ordered one and figured I'd share with you guys. I have a dog, so I'll use this the next time I take her to the vet, but I'll also keep it for service dog rides. Haven't had...
  6. Tampa
    So did all you bad boys and girls get that service dog notice...? Must be Uber covering their collective butts... I dont know about the rest of you monkeys out there butt I am dog friendly... as is my little monkey butt Fold down the back seats amd spread the furniture pad.... Instant dog...
  7. Advice
    If you guys want to see it, I can upload the original document.
1-7 of 7 Results