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  1. Taxes
    I found this one to be a great read for this time of year (while it's still relatively cold and wet weather and little daylight - at least in the northern hemisphere), especially this section: Which Version of TurboTax Do I Need?
  2. Canberra
    The Fair Work Ombudsman has concluded that Uber drivers are not employees. For the full text of the Fair Work Ombudsman's statement, see https://uberpeople.net/threads/fair-work-ombudsman-media-release-uber-drivers-not-employees.332780/.
  3. Connecticut
    Hi there fellow Connecticut drivers. Yesterday afternoon, after doing the laundry, I decided to Uber a bit more. It was then that I was hit with the "service dog" contract. I have no real hard conflict with this... I am going to keep a paint tarp (a new one) in the back that I will insist on...
  4. News
    Many people know uber consider us drivers as self employed and they don't tell us how to work or where to work or when.. we'll as I came to find out this last 2 weeks.. Withtout you knowing, Uber is actually telling us how to work and pay close attention to the experiment I did.. UberPool and...
  5. Miami
  6. London
    hey Guys, anyone could help me set up my self employment ? i am from London. thank you
  7. Taxes
    So i started in October part time and have smaller amount of income. What do i need to file for quarterly self employment ? Both federal and state ?? Is it true the forms are due by 1/15 Thanks in advance ! Joe
  8. Las Vegas
    Since Nevada doesn't have income tax, what can an Uber driver expect to pay in taxes driving in Las Vegas? Does anyone know from experience?
1-8 of 8 Results