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  1. UberEATS
    http://wreg.com/2018/03/29/police-uber-eats-driver-shoots-suspect-during-attempted-robbery-in-whitehaven/ MEMPHIS, Tenn. - Police say an Uber Eats driver shot at a group of guys who were trying to rob him in Whitehaven Thursday morning. The Uber Eats driver told detectives he had just sat in...
  2. New Jersey
    In one of my facebook groups I belong to, a question was asked about the legality of carrying a stun gun for self defense while driving for Uber. I thought I would share a summary that was written, and posted by Evan Nappen, the most foreknown Firearms attorney in NJ. Dissertation was written by...
  3. Advice
    Is there anything we can be doing to effectively pressure Uber, Lyft, et al to stop threatening riders and drivers who choose to arm themselves?
1-3 of 3 Results