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  1. Vehicles
    I have cloth seats and wanted to try these. Anyone have them? Any good? (pricey) https://www.weathertech.com/nissan/2015/altima/seat-protectors/
  2. Toronto (Ontario)
    Has anyone has this problem? I'm not sure why the customer did not request the use of the trunk or put the grocery bags on the car floor. What is wrong with people? I don't want my rear seats dirtied or damaged. Wish the PAX would treat someone's else car as their own!
  3. Melbourne
    Hi everyone, I am planning to join Uber just as a second job and need some advices. 1- I am planning to buy a new car anyway soon(Not just for Uber), do I need to register for Gst before buying the car so I can claim GST back? Do I need to record my car as a business or under my ABN to claim...
  4. Vehicles
    I noticed on my seats cloth (Nylon) material there would be white dusty marks. I was curious as to what causes it. Currently I get it shampooed but the cost seems to be high $30-40AUD per seat. If there is an easier way of dealing with it, I can clean it myself.
  5. Vehicles
    I have black leather seats and as you can imagine that color scuffs pretty badly. I'm still fairly new to Uber and am already seeing scuffs on the back of the front seats left by passengers scuttling in and out and their shoes scraping across the seats. What's a good way to protect your leather...
1-5 of 5 Results