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  1. Stories
    Driver allegedly makes some disturbing remarks to passengers before putting the pedal to the metal November 2nd 2018
  2. Minneapolis
    How strick are you about seatbelt use? Lyft sent me a message that a Pax had reported me for starting to move before they put on their seatbelt. I guess that I will have to be more insistent that everyone buckle up before I get underway. The pax was also upset that I was going below the speed...
  3. Complaints
    Scanning some fluff news, and Dara told CNBC that his low Uber rating (4.73) was due to him repeatedly not wearing a seatbelt in the back seat of his rides. An Uber spokesperson "confirmed" that when pax don't wear seatbelts, that REALLY irritates drivers. Opinions?
  4. Insurance
    Hey all , i have heard that lyft and ubers insurance policy is pretty good for covering accidents (i do understand that you need to be honest with your personal insurer that you are driving rideshare , otherwise you risk having them deny any claims in the event of an accident ) . one BIG...
  5. New Jersey
    I think im going to start off each trip saying this from now on. anyone request pax ware seatbelts? points if you say it like Jener from south park
  6. Advice
    I always have my pax but on thier seatbelt, most are happy to comply..but I am often told I'm the only uber driver who asks...surely not? It's valid calif law, and I want my pax to be safe...
1-6 of 6 Results