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  1. Seattle
    I'm an Uber and Lyft driver but I'm also sometimes a pax. Attached is a photo of a man working at SeaTac who was extremely rude to me tonight as I was trying to negotiate my way to finding my driver. Note that my driver did a GREAT job. It was only this guy working for the airport with some...
  2. Seattle
    Last year, I recall seeing an Uber instructional message about how to get rematches that told us we could get a rematch ping by exiting the terminal and then driving around again to re-enter it. I get rematches without having to do this, but when I do try driving around and re-entering the AP...
  3. Seattle
    We'll help you as you help us. Together we the ants can beat out the heaters and troller trying to keep us poor. Therefore sorry you'll find many of these trolls posting negaitive and distractiary post. Just report everyone you see, together we can beat on the cockroaches. They like to keep...
  4. Seattle
    Hello, I am trying to find contact information for Uber, Lyft, and taxi drivers in the general Seattle/SeaTac area so we can reach out to them to conduct stakeholder interviews for a transportation project. Please let me know if there is a directory or a good source where I can find contact...
  5. Seattle
    Has anyone else noticed that on short trips out of SeaTac, where you are supposed to go to the top of the list, is not working . The deal is if you return within 30 minutes, you keep your spot. I have reported this to Uber Green Light Hub (don't waste your time with online support, worthless!)...
  6. Seattle
    Yesterday after dropping off a rider, I clicked on the airport queue icon, and this odd shape appeared that I've never see before. Is this the seatac geofence or just glitch? Can we wait outside the fence to pick up at hotels within the fence?
  7. Seattle
    Lived 16 years in Seattle, well before Uber & Lyft times. Currently living in Bay Area CA UberXing/Lyfting and CessPooling/LyftLining in San Francisco - mostly SFO International Airport (8PM-1AM surge runs only) and downtown guarantee hours ($55-45/hr 7-9:30AM weekdays & $35-45/hr PM variable...
  8. Seattle
    Anyone in Kent/Renton/Tukwilla going to the event in Georgetown? Friend had to cancel last minute so if you didn't get an RSVP, I can +1 you. Message me if you can swooooop! *edited @ 7:45 am.
  9. Seattle
    It was my understanding that the For Hire cars were Uber's contracted taxi partners for airport pickups? I assumed the taxis were the Q cars since I see them drop/pick up pax right at terminal door. Today, I wanted to test that assumption so I pinged 2 For Hires at the airport and was...
  10. Seattle
    Tell PAX to hop a FREE (this word gets their attention) shuttle to hotel or Wally Park and ping us from there. All legit and no hassle to us trying to search for them at terminal.
1-10 of 10 Results