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  1. Seattle
    Signed up to do Uber/Lyft a month and a half ago. Got TNC Decal, Seattle Business License and other documents a week ago. I have "all" documents uploaded to Uber/Lyft. I drive a Toyota Camry Hybrid SE Limited Edition. Lyft lets me do Airport Pickups. Very good. With Uber, when driving past the...
  2. Seattle
    Has anyone else noticed that the janitorial services at the Uber lot has fallen off? No paper towels, toilet paper, trash containers full, etc. What’s up Uber, I thought you wanted us to use the lot. I guess they need to save money.
  3. Seattle
    Just finished my 3rd airport run this afternoon and each time I've seen Ants pulled over all over the airport. I just left my most recent airport run, didn't get a rematch this time so I headed over to the old Uber lot to us the Honey Bucket. At least 200 Ants there right now.:rolleyes: I hang...
  4. Seattle
    Can anyone explain why Lyft will not allow instant airport pickups at SeaTac if your car is < 40 MPG? Their explanation makes no sense. If you can drive to the airport for a drop off, then why is picking someone up there any different, environmentally, then driving away empty. Uber seems to...
  5. Seattle
    I feel like punching a wall right now. So, I ended up getting a request for the tnc garage while not even at the airport or in the queue. Hardly any cars in the queue right at the peak arrivals time. I figured, what the hey. I’ll do it. The expressway was very backed up, pretty much gridlock a...
  6. Seattle
    Are there any particular areas that have a lot of pax going to Sea-Tac? Ideally late at night or very early morning hours. I find longer driving distances more desirable.
  7. Seattle
    Hey I am a new uber driver. I was wondering about the uber drivers that pick up from the air port, how do you do that? And how much you make off those pick ups?
1-7 of 7 Results