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  1. Chicago
    I'm NOT looking for product recommendations, necessarily. Does anyone just use something generic (old blanket, carpet remnants) for troublesome times like NYD, St Patrick's, Blackout Wednesday/Pukesgiving? What about actual seat covers? Do they pass the rigors of in-and-out passengers like...
  2. Vehicles
    I have cloth seats and wanted to try these. Anyone have them? Any good? (pricey) https://www.weathertech.com/nissan/2015/altima/seat-protectors/
  3. Toronto (Ontario)
    Just submitted all paperwork to start driving everything is Green and active , Status says: ONBOARDING. ( I'm assuming background check ) - Is smoking a Yes or NO: - Eating Y/N: - GPS: Waze, google M, Apple M, etc.. ? : - How long (hours) do you spend in vehicle to make $1000 gross (AVERAGE)...
  4. San Diego
    Hello All Has anyone driven to Mexico for car repairs ? I'm looking to get a catalytic converter replaced and rips in leather seats repaired. I was quoted $400 for part and $500 for install of CAT and $125 to repair two rips on the seats. Does anyone know of an affordable way to get...
1-4 of 4 Results