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  1. Seattle
    I feel like punching a wall right now. So, I ended up getting a request for the tnc garage while not even at the airport or in the queue. Hardly any cars in the queue right at the peak arrivals time. I figured, what the hey. I’ll do it. The expressway was very backed up, pretty much gridlock a...
  2. Washington DC
    Are you effing kidding me? You (children of unwed parents) never gave us any kind of help when gas prices went up$0.50/gallon during the hurricanes, and you expect me to shell out money for amenities? For what? A goddamn amenities badge? Go screw a goat Dara.
  3. Washington DC
    So in the post Mayweather McGregor surgefest I got a few nice rides. However on one 4.2X I noted Uber charged them $50 & I got $26. I was happy for a payout like that for 12 minutes. Someone recently posted about fighting with Rohit and the gang in a similar situation and getting increased...
1-3 of 3 Results