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  1. Washington DC
    Its a nice night not to cold not to hot. Lots of foot traffic in and around DC and plently of opportunties for shuffling, or the rare actual profitable ride with PrimeTime/Surge but not holding my breath. Good luck ya deplorable rats!
  2. Washington DC
    The big Quest is just laughable...
  3. Quit
    Found a full time job. I am really happy. Starting tomorrow. I am glad I am out of Slavery. There is Hope People.
  4. Stories
    Did a couple of runs in Fort Worth for some neurology convention or something. Short $5 minimum fare rides for women who didn't want to walk three blocks to the convention center. Last trip I took, I dropped them off on the south side entry. She asked if I could go to the north side, I said...
1-4 of 4 Results