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  1. Washington DC
    It's not like the drones in the blue shirts aren't exposed to any number of contagions on a daily basis anyway. Ever been to an airport Pig Pen lot? Tell me those aren't petri dishes.
  2. Washington DC
    Looks like Charlotte Surge might finally get the bad publicity it so deserves. A reporter is looking for examples of gouging: https://jalopnik.com/are-you-an-uber-driver-send-us-your-flat-surge-fare-sc-1834917180/amp The article: "Over the last few weeks, we've been hearing from an...
  3. Los Angeles & Orange County
    I know you guys have it bad when it comes to Uber. You have: *Worst traffic in the country *The douchiest most entitled riders (based on what I've read here) per capita *Shit rates with $2.62 minimums However, you have two things you should be grateful for: 1. True Multiplier Surge...
  4. Washington DC
    In their Thanksgiving Greeting We're supposed to pick up little Johnny from soccer practice without a parent? The Soccer Practice Shuffle.
  5. Washington DC
    Was scrolling through Uber's Twitter and saw this. She gets it for the most part.
  6. Washington DC
    After they force a new app on a lot of you and this new Surge abortion they really have the balls to do the smiley-face feedback survey?
  7. Washington DC
    You guys knew it'd only be a matter of time until I found a way to put Uber in the negative using their new system. As 3.75 said adapt and overcome. Everyone needs to Mario Kart Sticky Surge and cost Uber money with this new abomination.
  8. Boston
    The Washington Post did an article on the white supremacists rally here Sunday. Reporter came to good old UPNet and got some feedback about the rally. Someone was able to slide in something about Charlotte Surge...
  9. Los Angeles & Orange County
    Well they just rolled out Charlotte Surge here in D.C. today. For those of you that thought they'd keep it only to smaller markets, wrong. It hit us, and I'm sure it'll be there before too long. You get this screen... Then get this shit at the airport... The real (female canine) is you...
  10. Los Angeles & Orange County
    Just curious if you guys got any Boost Zones this week? D.C. got new Consecutive Trip incentives, but no Boost Zones except for very specific MLB All-Star game festivities. This is them: If this is Uber's idea of incentives, it should Surge red as a babboons ass.
  11. Washington DC
    How did this one slip through the ultra stringent background checks? https://gizmodo.com/uber-driver-arrested-with-passengers-in-his-car-on-outs-1826295477
  12. Washington DC
    Really Uber. Geofencing the Pig Pen Surge yet AGAIN????
  13. Washington DC
    Today's a federal holiday. D.C. is a government town. When the feds are off, a lot of ancillary businesses are too. What does this mean for demand for Uber? Jackshit. So what does Uber do witb Boosts for afternoon rush hour? Big Boosts in the city, like this: What does Uber do the rest of...
  14. Washington DC
    4:58 and nice little Surge. Leaving them off until 5:00 for the (diminished) Boost and rush hour bonus to kick in.
  15. Washington DC
    Why the fornicate do they geofence off the DCA Pig Pen from Surge? My favorite, surge in the goddamn river and island but not the airport: I'm the 'closest driver' yet you won't turn Surge on? Screw a goat Dara
  16. Washington DC
    You have 1.9X Boost for upper N.W. D.C. and 1.2X/1.3x in Adams Morgan and that festering shthole of Connecticut Avenue between M Street and Dupont Circle. Uber's run by Simple Jacks that are only slightly more intelligent than the complete Warrens running Lyft. Screw a goat Dara
  17. Washington DC
    I believe this is the most I've cost Uber on one ride. Uber wanted me to go through town. Not fornicating happening. Suck it Dara. GIGGITY!
  18. Washington DC
    I got this in the app. Another smiley face poll. I would post what I wrote but with all the blackout of banned words it'd look like a Top Secret document.
  19. Washington DC
    How's that 1.1X-1.2X working out for you? Downtown needs to be at least 1.8X to justify rush hour bullshit. Screw a goat Dara
  20. Washington DC
    How about REALLY saying thanks and showing how much you appreciate drivers (LMFAO BAHAHAHAHA) by raising rates and quit fornicating both drivers and riders. Can I take my compliments to the bank and exchange them for cash? No it's just something else to distract idiot ants from the dismal base...
1-20 of 29 Results