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  1. Dallas
    I think that as drivers we often forget how powerful it is to rate passengers. As this article explains, most think they are 5.0 passengers. Of course, because it's natural to think you are perfect. She does a great job of explaining why she had a 4.4 and then what she did to get it up to 4.8...
  2. Ratings
    i am so disgusted with the ratings system. I take pride in providing my riders with a safe and enjoyable experience when they ride with me. I am polite, courteous and friendly. I have completed well over 100 rides and yet to often get less than five stars. My current rating is 4.77. I just don't...
  3. Lyft
    So I've been driving for about a month, have had a pretty solid 4.9 for the entire time. I try to be accommodating for my pax, have both iPhone and Android chargers, waters, gum/mints if they like, let them play whatever music they want, put in and take out their bags for airport runs, and try...
1-3 of 3 Results