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  1. Advice
    So this popped up today... anyone have any experience with it yet? It looks eerily similar to Lyft's Scheduling system; I hope it doesn't function as poorly. Interested in hearing what others may have seen thus far... 🤷🏻
  2. UberEATS
    Does anyone have any tips for scheduling Dashes? Here in Nassau, it seems all the slots are already taken by the time I get to the app. What time do they open the scheduling for the next day? Are there any tricks for Dash Now when the app shows your region as full. I dashed yesterday for the...
  3. Flex
    Was everyone able to grab a block for tomorrow? I loaded the app right at 10, but nothing happened -- as if it wasn't 10 yet. I've been having problems with my app all weekend.
  4. Advice
    I started driving for uber in Nashville over 2 years ago. Money was good. Then it wasn't. Now it isn't. About a year and a half ago I started working on an idea. I met with a lot of venture capitalists and investors, some out in Silicon Valley and others in different places across the country...
1-4 of 4 Results