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  1. Advice
    How is it legal for Uber and Lyft to monopolize our time without compensation? Isn't slavery still illegal? I love how the pax comes back 15 minutes later saying, sorry man, the line was crazy long. Nooooooooooo?! Or more accurately, duhhhhhhhhhh!
  2. Complaints
    So today marked my first WTF?/unfortunate experience with a Lyft "Scheduled Ride." I received a request, and for better or for worse, accepted it like I normally would-- generally, the only difference I notice in advance is that it's Pink for Regular rides, Purple for Line-- headed over to the...
  3. Lyft
    I just noticed the other day that Lyft has upgraded their view for these. Now when you click on the View details button they show you the approximate pickup and dropoff locations on the map as well as description of the locations "Near....". Much improved. Am I just slow or have others seen this...
  4. Albany
    This morning, at 5:10 AM, I received a Lyft ping that was 15 minutes away. That meant I would have picked up pax at 5:25 AM. However, my ping was for a 5:15 AM scheduled pickup!! Unless I drove like Mario Andretti, there is no way I could have made the 5:15 pickup time. I want to know how...
  5. Lyft
    Earlier this summer, Lyft introduced a feature that allows drivers to "book" a passenger's scheduled ride. The driver can see where the passenger is going and "claim" the ride in advance of the date. If implemented well, this feature would give Lyft a tremendous competitive advantage over...
  6. Chicago
    Well you gotta give it to Lyft. Lyft Scheduled Pickup is a Prank on you and they play it like a Pro! Two days ago, the App popped up an Update saying scheduled rides were available for me to accept near my area. One was a short ride with potential earnings of $10 - $17 and another from $24 - $30...
  7. Lyft
    Please don't shoot the messenger ;) This is the from Lyft. ___________ June 19, 2017 Higher Tips for Higher Fares A first-of-its-kind feature, in-app tipping has always been a driver favorite. In honor of this impressive milestone, we set out on a mission to make it even better. Based on...
  8. Lyft
    I'm in San Diego and keep getting notifications that there are scheduled pickups available, but I don't have the scheduled pickups option in my menu. Anyone else had this problem?
1-9 of 9 Results