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  1. Savannah
    The new Uber app (7/1/18) does not work on my phone so I need a driver at 9.30pm and 11.45pm in downtown Savannah. I will pay the regular Uber rate.
  2. Delivery
    Does anyone know if uber eats in savannah-hilton head allows drivers on bikes? I signed up in austin,tx but relocated to savannah, and want to know if I'll be able to deliver by bike here too? It's not listed on the site or app so please don't suggest I lool there. Thanx!
  3. Savannah
    Hi everyone, Quick question. I'll be moving to Statesboro June 1st and want to drive in Savannah from June 6th through June 13th. My question is, what are the hot spots for me to make the most money during this time? I'm assuming that I will need to drive to Savannah to make decent money...
  4. Build a community in...
    We need to get together. Uber is moving us around like rats and we are taking all the bait.... I started driving 3 weeks ago and I have been studying the surge's and how drivers dart to the surge area, even from Savannah... In a small market like this there is a MUCH better way for us to make...
  5. Savannah
    Uber recently negotiated an agreement with the Savannah-Hilton Head airport that allows Uber drivers to wait for passengers on the premises. Has anyone tried this yet? Is the demand for Uber decent at the airport?
1-5 of 5 Results