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  1. Sydney
    Last night had the unfortunate incident happened to me. OLA pax puke in my car. Had to go offline for about 3 hours in order to clean and dry the seat. Report the incident and OLA is only offering $30 compensation as I don't have a professional cleaning receipt. Anyone else had experiences with...
  2. San Diego
    For the first time, I am driving Saturday night bar close. Just shoot me.
  3. Chicago
    10 PM - 2 AM which turned into 3 AM. Subtract about a 45 minute break and add about a 20 minute deadhead home. Will see if future tips bump up this total. Sometimes tips have been coming in a day or two later. Pre-St. Pats in full force.
  4. Sydney
    Most areas look dead. The 6.00pm surge was small and limited. There's no major concert too.
  5. Toronto (Ontario)
    Last night (Saturday) wasn’t too bad for earnings; not great, but worth my time. Yet it looked like everyone either stayed home or skipped town. Even King st. W. looked more like it was a Tuesday night. Your thoughts?
  6. Toronto (Ontario)
    After the early surge that is! December 16th?
  7. Providence
    So many have told me to go do the Fri/Sat late night bar scene in Boston Is there any similar bit of business on Saturday night in Providence/Pawtucket/Woonsocket for bar goers needing rides home? I got a few pax last Saturday night in Woonsocket, but wasn't out long enough to really try the...
  8. Chicago
    I was wondering what's the most you made on Saturday night,I mean a regular Saturday no holiday or something,how did you do it ?how many hours ubering or lyfting☺?
1-8 of 8 Results