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  1. Chattanooga
    Too bad it has a Hamilton County tag in it though ...
  2. New York City
    Capping hours would've had an immediate impact....plus a 40 online hour limit would deter saturators
  3. San Francisco
    Isn't it getting just a bit saturated on the streets of San Francisco? Drivers coming from all angles of the state of California! I sough a car pulling into the sfo waiting lot that had Georgia license plates on his car with Lyft and Uber decals on his windows! The holiday Season has literally...
  4. Toronto (Ontario)
    they get an unscratchable itch everytime someone shares a genuine concern of income decline or market saturation... they, of course, make good money due to preferential treatment while we can't even complain?! Henceforth, they will be referred to as "Uber shillers"
  5. Toronto (Ontario)
    It's almost 4 am, yet there's drivers everywhere! Meanwhile, how are the 2 circled cars parked? On top of each other?!
  6. Complaints
    Just found out that there is a person... That does nothing more than... Sits at the flea market... Signing up more drivers... He stated he makes more money... Signing up a few drivers a week... Than could be made driving... Uber just keeps feeding it's machine... Without any concern for...
  7. Myrtle Beach
    on the rider app. Everywhere I go. This is ridiculous.
  8. Atlanta
    Looks like uber cars are about to race the way they're all lined up next to each other. My god they're stupid.
  9. Complaints
    Is you drive in any populated area you are no doubt seeing an Uber on every corner by now. Multiplying every week. Even in residential. Scroll around the rider app and it is like that across the entire state. I am now waying possibly selling my Uber car, since it is my second car. I'm finding...
  10. New Orleans
    Do you believe the Uber passenger app is accurate? It seems like every time I look to logon, there are drivers EVERYWHERE. Are you finding that your income has dropped significantly regardless of when you drive?
  11. Orlando
    We all know the Orlando Uber driver market is about as saturated as a soaked rag. While you're waiting for a trip log-on to the passenger app, find a saturated area and take a screenshot. Let's see who can post the most outrageous or most saturated spots.
  12. Complaints
    So here it is..Uber will go from 13,000 drivers to 30,000 drivers by the end of 2016! Good luck making money.. Uber to recruit drivers from low-income counties in N.J., including Passaic county Uber Technologies announced a plan to recruit 3,000 drivers from low-income counties in New Jersey...
1-12 of 13 Results