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  1. San Diego
    Rideshare attorneys have started a new advertising campaign. I guess if you're seated and contemplating the future...they have your undivided attention.
  2. San Diego
    Checking the naughty list? Reindeer pit stop? Taking Pool from SAN on the Sleigh? #merrychristmas
  3. San Diego
    Your shirt, sir, made my day on so many levels. #thankyou Unidentified driver at SAN Thurs 10 October 2019
  4. San Diego
    Shot this yesterday and while reviewing it today, was thinking of the parallels for a $3 surge at SAN. Mine. Mine. Mine. Out of the way, moron. I'm not letting you in. Park like an idiot and leave the doors open. #Uberhumor
  5. San Diego
    Guy doing arm curls and lifts with weights carried in the back of his Hyundai. (How's the fuel economy now?) Big tall blonde adjusting her...implants. Guy spread eagle in back of Prius sleeping, hatch up. Mature blonde black knee high boots, belt width skirt. Two guys trading saliva. Guy wearing...
  6. San Diego
    After a long chat with someone at the hub today, I found some very interesting insight into the ways uber changes driver pay. I actually spoke with someone who was a driver previously and he was definitely on my side when I complained about the driver pay decrease. He said that he saw this...
  7. San Francisco
    Careful at this address, there’s a City social worker who calls X from an art studio in there, when it should be Assist. Some snot comes out and expects you to wheel morbidly obese, mentally handicapped pax to your car, load them in, fold the wheel chair, stash it and look after their patient...
  8. San Diego
    Like other drivers I have been abused by the contract workers directing traffic at Term 2 I called the ATO Supervisor, and the man actually called me back. 6194002404 I noticed one person was causing problems... white female over 50 light hair blond or gray thin 5'8 to 5,10. She is a RTO (rep...
  9. San Francisco
    Someone will post another awesome, amazing earnings summary, keeping the SF forum up there alongside the latest World Cup 1-0 result for absorbing entertainment. Where are my old Stormy Daniels tapes.
  10. San Francisco
    Thousands are expected to take to the streets around the Bay Area Saturday for the first ever March for Our Lives demonstration. The basics: It's set to kick off at 1 p.m. Saturday with a rally at Civic Center Plaza. There's a march planned to follow the rally, but the route isn't set yet.
  11. San Diego
    Check your email. Could be good for those of us that don't mind drop-offs but don't want to sit in the pen (especially since they've expanded it, resulting in bigger queues with longer waits). We'll have to see. I believe the success of this one is hinged upon how the developers made it.
  12. Lyft
    I never wait in the airport pen but I figure this could be a plus for some of you. I just got a text about getting a preferred queue position after dropping off after a short ride. Happy hunting!
  13. San Diego
    Lyft is now offering massive bonuses to all drivers who receive and complete requests from SAN that end up being short rides. In the spirit of all things that **** over drivers, the rewards, unfortunately,will not be monetary. In fact, they're not even as good as the awesome participation...
  14. San Diego
    Dropping pax off at SAN this morning, and saw a major wreck right before Terminal 1 entry. It happened right before I got there, because Harbor Police weren't even on scene yet. The accident was BAD, and involved one Lyft, one Uber, and a someone's minivan as well. 3 cars in total. The Lyft...
  15. Advice
    I drove around SJC a few times a while ago trying to find the pickup points, I found Ubers's directions to be both incomprehensible and wrong. The trick with TNC SJC pickup points is you have to go all the way to the top of Term A to get to either of them. Term A pickup is at the side of the...
  16. Complaints
    We've had the new phone support in SF for the last few weeks, which was actually decent, and meant not having to wade thru boilerplate emails about some other issue altogether from a succession of online support monkeys. Phone support was working yesterday, the phone icon is still there in the...
  17. San Diego
    All Uber logo dis-players at harbor Island.... One by one :) I was parked side by side with some of them .... cop didn't even look in my direction since I do not display the toilet seat logos...
  18. San Diego
    The Uber Driver who was sleeping in his Black Toyota Corolla on Harbor Island today, please identify yourself :)
  19. San Diego
    So I get a request from SAN from someone with an Indian name as in Hindu. I text the guy about what terminal he's in and if he knows about the Ride share pick up location. He texts me back NO... I don't. So I call the guy and I am trying to let him know where to go, he goes:" You know I have 3...
  20. San Diego
    Friday night I got a ping from the airport. I texted pax to confirm that he was at the Uber pickup zone. He hadn't taken an uber from SAN before, so I give him the info on pickups and tell him that if he has trouble finding it, that an airport employee can point him in the right direction. I...
1-20 of 21 Results