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  1. Flex
    Have couple questions for San Francisco drivers What are the names of the SF WH and where are they located in SF? Are these in South SF as well? The location when you do the onboarding says "Greater SF area". So is that both Northern & Southern part of the pennisula (like where SFO is)? How...
  2. Lyft
    Hello, I was wondering if anyone else is experiencing a very slow demand, especially in San Francisco? I worked 3 hours yesterday and made 30$ from 5 rides. I thought holiday seasons is very busy, but not really on my end?
  3. San Diego
    Has anyone driven in San Francisco? If so, how high is the demand on both Lyft & Uber? I saw paystubs of 2,500/week (with 20% power driving bonus) on Lyft. Would be interesting to see if anyone has driven in Palo Alto, Berkeley, etc. and any insights.
1-3 of 3 Results