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  1. UberEATS
    Any other San Diego food delivery drivers experiencing this dead time? I’ve got Ubereats, Doordash, and Grubhub running at the same time and still finding it hard to get anything. At least anything worth it.
  2. San Diego
    Hey just wondering if everyone received this message on Thursday and if you did if you are receiving the same error? Thanks for the help.
  3. San Diego
    Surge at 1450. This is the most numerical areas I've seen in surge since the return of the multiplier. Pittance in value.
  4. San Diego
    I just read this article by Jay (who is usually very helpful) over at Another Website. The article is about this law firm seeking drivers that are interested in suing Uber/Lyft because they think we were treated as employees the whole time. Someone commented that the law firm featured in the...
  5. Articles
    The Inconvenience of Beth August in San Diego is usually hot. Wildfire hot. The mornings usually hang with the heat of the prior day, and the afternoon are triple figures away from the coast. Usually. ACT ONE I had completed my first early airport run and while others may shudder at the...
  6. San Diego
    I'm disillusioned with Lyft, so when I received this message: ...I thought "Great, a second location. Maybe this one isn't on wheels." I was mistaken. It's just a Pep Boys. I need to stop thinking there is truth in any Lyft communique.
  7. Stories
    It had not been, a great week. While driving last Friday morning, paramedics telephoned to advise of a medical emergency. The Matriarch was transported to trauma, with injuries of significance that...I needed to notify the scattered family. My Sister In Law from Tennessee, was first to arrive...
  8. San Diego
    I'm sitting at home smoking lunch on the Traeger. I'm on about my 4th or 5th Bacardi, snacking on some guacamole dip made from avocados and peppers grown in the garden. The sun is shinning, the grass is mowed, there are no flies on the patio. Thank you to you guys and gals that are driving...
  9. San Diego
    In the 51 weeks I have been doing Rideshare, Wednesday has traditionally been the "slowest" day for my business model. An average Wednesday is a later start in the morning (0830/0900) shortening my day to about 6 hours/120 miles/$100. Today blew out the business model that I even had time for...
  10. San Diego
    Hey, guys! Planning to move from New York to San Diego. If someone working for Uber and can share how much per week I can earn driving Uber Black? Approximately, 6 days working. 12 hours per day minimum. I will appreciate all replies.
  11. San Diego
    Hello all! My name is Christian and I recently moved from the Bay Area. I did Uber a little bit one Friday night and a Saturday and was not impressed at all! ALL trip earnings are like $3 each, is this like real? Tonight I made $37 in 3 hours when in SF / Oakland / Berkeley I could’ve made...
  12. San Diego
    Anyone here do this trip, Airport to UTC/La Jolla? ? Rider claiming fraud by Uber...and just for good measure, harassment and wrong destination. Erica Barile‏ @EricaBarile 39m39 minutes ago Reported #fraud charges made by @Uber to my bank. Never use @Uber. NO refund AND 3 charges totaling...
  13. San Diego
    Read an article today that Harbor Drive will be closed to all vehicles from First ave to Park Blvd during COMIC con. They will not be allowing any rideshare in the area. Rideshare will have to drop off outside of the blocked off area. There will not be a designated drop off/pickup area. Also...
  14. San Diego
    Whoa. Didn't expect to see this while logging out of my Yahoo mail. I Googled it and found this article from the UT, which has a little more depth since it impacts us here. Add this to the list of reasons not to do Uber Eats...
  15. Lyft
    Did Lyft paid the settlement? I just received a payment from Cotter vs Lyft ... 385$
  16. San Diego
    I'm considering signing up to be a Bounce driver but can't find how much they pay for time/miles or their base fees and what not. Has anyone been able to find this?? Are you able to share it with me? Thanks!
  17. San Diego
    Been driving for uber about a year now, passed the background check the first time but the process took almost two months (guessing because I have lived in a lot of places). Was wondering if this second one will take as long based on your guys' experiences? How long did it take for you...
  18. San Diego
    Hi Everyone! I've been enjoying reading the San Diego threads! I just started driving for Lyft about a month ago. I'm doing it part time during the day. Not the best hours for lots of rides, but it works for me. I feel like I'm doing a really good job of interacting with the passengers...
  19. San Diego
    Hi, looking for a San Diego Uber or Lyft driver to help solve a particular problem and in the process get a regular, good ride at least three times a week. The problem: My 92 yr old Grandmother loves to go dancing. She goes two or three times a week to the 32nd Street Naval Station in San...
1-20 of 92 Results