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  1. San Diego
    Hey, guys! Planning to move from New York to San Diego. If someone working for Uber and can share how much per week I can earn driving Uber Black? Approximately, 6 days working. 12 hours per day minimum. I will appreciate all replies.
  2. Complaints
    Hi, I'm new to UberPeople and I drive Uber Select in the Del Mar/Carmel Valley neighborhood of San Diego. It has been very frustrating for the past few month getting request. Has anybody else experienced the same in my area or anywhere else? I have my app on for 3 hours and nothing happens...
  3. San Diego
    Hey all, I'm a former uber-x driver/lyft/postmate but after being approached by an older black gentleman by the name of Terrell Pierce from the Skyline Hills area on Saturday's Comic Con I have to speak out. He flagged me down in his shiny bmw with and UBER Placard to talk me into Uber Select...
1-3 of 3 Results