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  1. UberEATS
    update: after two hours I only earned 5€.
  2. London
    Hi everyone, I am currently considering starting as a uber driver in London, however I am planning to rent a car in the beginning which would mean I would have to pay approximately around £800 a month for the car. I wanted to ask if there are any drivers in London that can inform me if I would...
  3. Lyft
    Not driving Lyft anymore. It was clear that my average hourly rate seemed less. I looked at the numbers and my average hourly for Lyft is 14.97 and for Uber it’s 25.96. Last night a passenger was telling me that he was happy that he had gotten his Lyft ride for $17 since it was about to get...
  4. San Diego
    Hey, guys! Planning to move from New York to San Diego. If someone working for Uber and can share how much per week I can earn driving Uber Black? Approximately, 6 days working. 12 hours per day minimum. I will appreciate all replies.
  5. News
    https://www.inc.com/eric-mack/elon-musk-trolled-ubers-future-plans-so-its-ceo-came-back-with-perfect-response-in-just-1-tweet.html Uber's CEO Perfectly Shut Down Elon Musk's Attack With Just 1 Tweet The Tesla and SpaceX CEO is not a fan of flying cars, as Dara Khosrowshahi recently learned...
  6. Australia
    Hi guys Just enquiring and I know it has probably been asked a lot just hard to find. How long have you been driving for Uber ? How much have you made for this current week ? How many hours involved in these earnings ? Approx how many km travelled ? I look forward to hearing back
  7. Pay
    If you don't want to get paid on a bank account, have a look to Waleteros Prepaid debit Visa Card. You can start using it right away since you get a routing and account number in 3 minutes. I know Drivers in the US who are using it.
  8. Pay
    I average around 2,000 miles/month with uberlyft. I pay about $30/month extra for ride-sharing coverage. If uberlyft's cost to insure me is the same, they pay 1.5¢ per mile to insure me. Their cost is probably FAR lower, maybe even .5¢ - half a penny per mile! That's probably their biggest...
  9. Pay
    hey guys I updated my debit card information and now it's saying I can't do instant pay. Is because I updated my debit card and it takes time or what? Because last night I was still able to do instant pay but my new debit card came in today so I updated the info. Thank You.
  10. Pay
    Seriously people. We're all getting *ucked here. I'm uploading my findings after experimenting as an UBER driver for one week. I accepted EVERY request and provided TOP service. The results were disheartening to say the least. I assert nobody is making money in ANY semi-rural market. I’ve...
  11. Pay
    My current job simply isn't paying enough to support my family. I'm working 9-5 M-F and my paycheck disappears on the day received, due to all kinds of bills, credit card debt, rent etc. My boss tells me he's going to move one of my weekdays to a weekend day so I will work on Saturdays, and have...
  12. New Orleans
    Quick and short, I want to know what is the average wage per hour for Uber drivers in New Orleans? I see anywhere from $18.00 per hour to $35.00 per hour. It would be helpful if all could post their averages of the the past month.
  13. Pay
    Hey everyone! (Sorry in advance for the wall) While on the clock back in mid-December, my brand-new vehicle was totaled by a dunk driver, and it has completely destroyed my professional life. Because of the way we're paid, the insurance company is calling any sort of loss-of-wages I'm claiming...
1-13 of 13 Results