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safety issues
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  1. Chicago
    ...getting through to Uber Support quickly, to speak with the Foreign Agent with canned phrases. Most of the time I call it's to document jackass behavior, to innoculate me against jackass claims. Not holding my breath for them to report my larger issues to specialized teams. Nevertheless...
  2. Charlotte
    In the last week I have had a rash of people wanting rides with small children I am thinking it's part of the holidays but.... I refuse to accept small ones if there is no car/booster seat. Though sometimes I'm not sure if a child is required to use one, LOL I don't keep a scale in my car...
  3. News
    Business Insider Jul. 23, 2017 By Avery Hartmans http://www.businessinsider.com/how-uber-drivers-get-deactivated-2017-7/ 10 ways Uber drivers can get kicked off the app Even minor infractions can get drivers kicked off the Uber app.Spencer Platt/Getty For anyone who's ever had a bad Uber...
1-3 of 3 Results