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  1. Chicago
    The fee itemization details were there earlier this week, but poof gone. The only thing we see is the fare, surge and the fee they take out... Interesting... Wonder what happened.
  2. Washington DC
    Maybe I'm behind and just noticed that the rider fee is not $1.35 on each trip but increases depending in the surge. So just checked my trip history it goes all the way up to $1.85 Has this been for all the time like that or I'm missing smth?
  3. News
    Uber Agrees To Pay $28.5 Million Settlement To 25 Million Riders The lawsuits claim that despite the fee levied on riders, Uber has not adequately screened its drivers. Uber officials said that moving forward they will rename the "Safe Ride Fee" as a "Booking Fee," and that they will use that...
  4. Complaints
    Uber just jacked the rider fee from $1 in the Indy area to $2.1o but didn't touch anything else. Anyone else agree that they could have just increased the base fare and/or $/min? The result is the same and the people who make the money (us drivers) are better taken care of. I was already a...
  5. Los Angeles & Orange County
    ... Which is very evident with their SRF increase. They need money just like any business, however they can't get more money from fares because drivers continue to give cheap rides. And pax aren't willing to pay more. So they increase the secondary source of income. Also Kalanick saying Uber is...
  6. Jacksonville
    The bad news is uber is the only one benefiting from the rise in rates. $5.05 - $2.05 safe rider fee (directly to Uber) - 20% = $2.60. On a minimum fare ride: $2.45 goes to uber, $2.60 to the driver. Hey, remember in January when they slashed rates? They called it the "winter warm up" but...
1-6 of 6 Results