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  1. Complaints
    Well, today we say "Farewell" to surge. Instead, a whopping $1.75 will be added to my next fare.
  2. Complaints
    So I got deactivated from UberEats. Due to eating people’s food lol at least I got something out of Uber. Tired and hungry.
  3. Complaints
    2 hours later and still no trips. 8 other drivers every few miles and I’m in a suburb not even a city lol No money at all it’s already Wednesday and I’ve made only $130.55 Since Monday morning. Minus gas, tolls, and lunch. So basically lost money.
  4. New York City
    This forum no longer allows honest conversations about issues relating to FHV. In particular, the 'riders'. Everything has to be silenced nowadays. Perhaps Uber/Lyft has decided to silence things around here. Not cool. Sad!
1-4 of 4 Results