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  1. Sacramento
    I've just heard that Lyft is showing something called 'Upfront Earnings' to drivers in Sacramento. We can see the amount we will make, and how long the trip will be (before accepting). Anyone else heard about this? Apparently they're listening to drivers all of a sudden One of the reasons Uber...
  2. Advice
    Last year, Financial Times actually created an online game to have players experience the trials and tribulations of being an Uber driver. It's like a choose your own adventure flash like game. You have two difficulties: Easy mode: You're a driver with good credit in San Francisco Hard mode...
  3. Sacramento
    Hi, I currently drive in Reno & average $17/hour net. What are drivers making in Sac hourly? I'm considering moving. Thank you!
  4. Pay
    hi, I currently driving Reno and I'm looking to relocate to Sacramento. What is the current pay rate per mile and minute? Wondering if it's worth the move. Thank you!
  5. Sacramento
    Good Evening Rideshare Family! I just received my Lyft Amp the other day because I completed my 250 rides and what not. My question for you all tonight is... For those of you that actually use the Amp... Do you see an increase in tips or do you feel like it provides a better customer...
  6. Sacramento
    Buenas Noches The more and more I continue to drive the more I say to myself that I need to get a dash cam for obvious reasons. I haven’t had any serious issues come about as of yet, but after watching countless YouTube videos and also hearing all the freaking horror stories all is drivers deal...
  7. Delivery
    I can’t understand the way Postmates pay and deposits breakdown. Under deliveries in my dashboard it shows the delivery fee+tips but the deposits are random and don’t match up. Does anyone have an understanding if this that they can share? My first 3 days pay was deposited as a lump sum...
  8. UberEATS
    If one of your referrals shows on the dashboard "Needs to finish signing up" does that mean they are currently waiting on their background check or did they just completely abandon the sign up process after initially creating an account?
  9. Stories
    Earlier today, I received a ride request to pickup someone from the airport. Just like any other terminal at an international airport in the U.S., there are pick-up areas specifically for hotel shuttles, limos, and pre-arranged app-based transport, which is where I parked to pickup this...
  10. Lyft
    Hi, I am a new Lyft driver. I am currently listed as a Sacramento area driver but am considering switching to San Fran. I live right between San Fran and Sac in Fairfield. Is there any way to find/compare the Power Driver, Power Zones? Is anyone here a Lyft driver for San Fran and can you...
  11. Sacramento
    This is a thread dedicated to the experiences of being a Uber bike courier in Sacramento, CA. My first day delivering was yesterday. I was "online" Friday 7/14 from 11 AM to 2 PM then from 5 PM to 8 PM for a total of 6 hours. During lunch I went to the core of midtown to hangout near several...
  12. Sacramento
    I was just thinking if it is possible to directly rent from Hertz to drive on Uber and Lyft? I mean the only Lyft partnered Hertz location is Sacramento is out of cars due to high demand. Also the prices for renting a corolla on lyft/hertz partnership, after adding tax comes out to be over...
  13. Delivery
    Worth doing, or nah?
  14. Flex
    Hi everyone, I'm new to the forum and new to Flex. I think I have somewhat of an idea of how the Sacramento Prime warehouse is putting out their blocks, looks like it's mostly weekends and you have to pretty much already be in the area on standby ready to jump in. Does anyone know if they put...
  15. Sacramento
    Was it just me or were alot of people having trouble with getting rides today and then having it be cancelled?
  16. Sacramento
    I am Floridian, about a year with Uber, and might move to Sacramento. Are there insurance companies that provides commercial or hybrid insurance to TNC drivers? Should I have a special car inspection? Anything else I should know before start driving in Sacramento? Your advises are highly...
  17. Sacramento
    Hi there, new here. Anybody have any ideas of what the best areas to hang out in to get pax?
  18. Advice
    Hi everyone. I am thinking of starting to be a contractor with Uber in Sacramento, CA. I wanted to get a round about idea on how much Sac area drivers get paid. I know it depends on us...but I am mainly look at the hours vs. the pay. I have been reading up that Uber takes 28% of the total...
  19. Sacramento
    Is there a market for a luxury car in Sacramento? Has anyone seen them around, taken any, or driven a luxury car? Is it worth it? Anyone know for sure which category the Is250 is under.. Uber black or uberselect? How are the rates between lyft and uber? Please answer any question. Thanks guys!
  20. Sacramento
    Hey I was thinking about starting driving for UberX/Lyft in the Sac area. I was hoping some of you could share how many hours you drive a week and how much you make after Uber/Lyft cut, before calculating expenses Thanks for any input!
1-20 of 31 Results