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  1. Advice
    With S-Corp you can set aside money for retirement plans, medical, and further limit your taxes by putting yourself on payroll. But is it really worth it for the amount of money you make in rideshare? If you live off $20k yearly, but making $40k yearly then it sounds like a good idea to...
  2. Taxes
    Hello Uberpeople! I am thinking of driving for Uber on my spare time and would like to know if I can have Uber pay me under my S-Corp with its own tax ID. I already have W2 from my full-time job and would like the additional income from Uber to go under S-Corp I have set up for professional...
  3. Taxes
    I've seen a lot of threads about people renting cars where the owner pays all the maintenance and even the commercial insurance. Some of them have the weekly renter pay gas, and car washes, but some even cover those expenses as well, meaning only the weekly rent is due. Regardless of whether...
1-3 of 3 Results