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  1. San Francisco
    See this? It's SURGING. That's what should happen. Before you head out to chase a $15.00 CTB in 90 minutes, consider this: How many rides from Fidi at 1.5x, might it take you to earn $15.00 ABOVE base? How long? Then consider: How long will it take for you to complete that streak today? How...
  2. Chicago
    This M-F work week concluded a month (four weeks) since many drivers saw their $3 rush promotion drop to $2. It was clear when it was announced how much this not only would suck, but how we had such little notice (never mind input) of the change. I think drivers who work those hours also knew...
  3. Chicago
    Anyone get screwed out of a daily bonus when you accepted a request a few minutes after the start of a quest period? I'm going around and around with the sorry arse support team. Anyone have any success getting them to pay? The trip log says the request came in at let's say 4:58, but I...
1-3 of 3 Results