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  1. Washington DC
    Hello Uber poeople, I'm sure something like this has happened to some of you out there and I'm just curious how some of you handle it just because Uber's rules seem so vague at certain times. I picked up a drunk married couple from the Wharf the other night and my Uber app crashed. I was in a...
  2. Chicago
    Pulling up the the riders drop off location she asks me if I have change for $20. 'Of course' I respond and take out my wallet. 'How much do you need back?' I ask. She has the most confused look on her face and snidly responds 'Um $20.' I hand her back the bill and say 'Here's 20, I'm not a damn...
  3. Atlanta
    I often get riders who intentionally after contacting them try and have me wait once I'm at their location.
  4. Chicago
    so i picked up this guy on grove st in berwyn, tomas. he is going tp chicago, sheridan and granville. we get to lower wacker, almost to lake shore, he is telling me to drive faster and directing me to not obey laws. Also telling me where to go, while telling talking on his phone, so he is...
  5. Lyft
    Boy, was he full of himself. The app/navigation showed the opposite side of where they were actually waiting and there was no one around. I called to let the pax know and she directed me. When I picked the happy couple up, I immediately apologized and he said, "You were on the complete...
  6. Stories
    Picked up a very self entitled middle aged rider. Picked her up (breaking the law as always) by stopping at a "no parking/no stopping" lane. Lady has bags and bags of her belongings. She tells me I needed to help her pick up the bags. On a normal given day, I probably would've helped but it was...
1-6 of 6 Results