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  1. Delivery
    logged in just before peak dinner hours in a busy UE area. Immediately got request for $10 to pick up a Panera order and delivery to a nearby neighborhood-awesome! Get to Panera, show them the order, told it would be a short wait (7 food items-3 smoothies). Waited 10 minutes, texted cust that...
  2. Harrisburg
    So I picked up a young woman at Weis market in Lemoyne last week. She said that she had another driver that was supposed to pick her up, but he never showed up. So she called him and he screamed at her and said something about being too far. But on the App he claimed that he picked her up and...
  3. Tampa
    Anyone else having issues with some restaurants being just awful to us? First on this list for me is Miguel's Mexican Seafood. I have personally stopped taking requests for them (3035 W Kennedy). Drivers are told to wait outside the back door with their cleaning supplies and call to alert...
1-3 of 4 Results