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  1. Stories
    Rohit was driving for Uber. Hears a pax talking about some bad stuff. Drives them to a police station, while pretending he needed to hit an ATM. Has the police arrest the pax. Gets a citizens award. And, gets deactivated for it as well! Can't make this stuff up!!
  2. Complaints
    Like a dummy I took a ping with Long pickup fee "likely". Drove over 10 minutes to arrive at the location. Uber navigation took my down a street toward a Hotel that had that street entrance blocked off. OK, so I drive a few blocks more to come around to an open entrance. No big deal because I...
  3. Washington DC
  4. UberEATS
    Last Friday night (June 1st) a trip disappeared right after completing. It vanished and still hasn't shown up over a week later. I called them twice in the first 48 hours and they were saying "Wait 48 hours and contact us again if it doesn't show up" Still nothing has shown up and I have been...
  5. San Francisco
    I can’t wait, he’s always been right behind us when we have a problem. Introducing Uber Kiosks Skip the wait and get straight to support. Uber Kiosks connect you to a remote Uber Expert through video chat to answer support questions, print documents, and more. You can be one of the first to...
  6. Stories
    Ok... here's a good one... you guys are never gonna believe this... Last night a ping pops up... Who's name is on the account... You guessed it...none other than Rohit... He was Indian and smart...degreed... And actually a quite nice person... I never broached the issues... That we have...
  7. Complaints
    I reported underage riders (Girl, 16 and Boy, 11) and the CSR hits me back with this.
  8. Washington DC
    guess its his day off
  9. Washington DC
    Rohit called an UberEats customer a (female dog). Dear mods: I am not saying the banned word, but it is in a legitimate news story... http://m.huffpost.com/us/entry/us_59aeeb16e4b0b5e53101704e/amp
  10. Washington DC
    Remember the $10 Bonus for picking up at the U2 concert? This one: This was my trip: There was no map showing an area like they do at Nats Park. The guys wound up ordering from the Uber Pickup Zone but, due to that being a complete and total shitshow, they walked down to where I was...
  11. Washington DC
    Anyone remember the WUSA 9 reporters that posted a few Uber stories? If so please post their names. Wonder if they'd be interested in this. It's not the $3.75 I am pissed about, but that they are penalizing drivers for following the law, and encouraging drivers to break the law and put...
  12. Washington DC
    The video is basically what we've known, but I literally did a LOL when I read the name on the email exchange. Our old friend Rohit... Hattip to arto71 for initially posting this in L.A. Boards
1-12 of 12 Results