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  1. Complaints
    Many of the drivers are dangerous and you need to take action before someone and a child are killed. I have been cut off at close call riding my bicycle this week by 4 Via cars, massive black cars and 3 Ubers. I've also been a passenger in an Uber that cut off a cyclist who had to slam their...
  2. Sydney
    As we all know, the more that we are on the road, the higher the chance of something happening. A couple of weeks ago my worst nightmare nearly happened. The only thing that saved me was being alert, knowing what vehicles were behind me or next to me in the other lane, and always having a 360...
  3. New Orleans
    How many times have YOU DRIVEN OVER THIS ? Lucky this didn't open up under a heavy Street car !look at the tracks nearby in photo !
1-3 of 3 Results