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  1. Technology
    RIDESHARE TIMER is a cool little app... you turn it on, set its transparencey and place it wherever you want on your screen... then double tap it and it will count-down from whatever time you have in the settings. It actually has two timers. I've got the first timer set to 5min... and tap it...
  2. London
    Looking for London drivers to help test our new app(it should now be available in your market)...Rideshare Timer for Android. Just curious how many Android users are in London and if the app works properly there. Please PM me
  3. Technology
    Just wanted to post a link to our new Android App for rideshare drivers I was looking for a "floating" timer app to use when I arrived at a location and could not find one that I liked...so, I had it developed. Then I added sending the text for me each time I started the timer, etc... Drivers...
1-3 of 3 Results