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  1. Los Angeles & Orange County
    8 shots where pinging off the staton as I am driving out. I saw the 2 guys on the receiving end of running off like it was a game- I thought I was going to be jacked- that close so I peeled out- THANK GOD THE STREETS WERE EMPTY - we gotta be essential and are blessed to be- but we have to be...
  2. Vehicles
    If anyone is looking for a vehicle to rent so they can Uber in the Philadelphia/South Jersey area let me know
  3. Adelaide
    I am not sure UBER, OLA, DIDI, Taxify are operating in Adelaide. Can I get to know their rating as per services provided. What are accreditation requirements in Adelaide. Can we drive on interstate number plate. Delete if this question was already asked here.
  4. Adelaide
    Does anyone have any offers this weekend with Uber or Ola? I somehow don't ever get anything!!
1-4 of 4 Results