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  1. Advice
    One thing that could help avoid any bad customers is not take customers below 4.80. Even at 4.80 and 4.90 I would think about it twice cause those kind of customers have that type of rating for a reason and you would also avoid a bad rating to your profile or an inconvenience. ?
  2. Stories
    Rider flagged me for professionalism with a the subcategory of "comfort" He asked to crank up the heat and I did but for whatever reason he felt like flagging that because in his little world that was probably a very big thing. Maybe he wanted ride credits after all i dropped him off at a...
  3. Washington DC
    I always see the rate before i accept any request ! i see a lot people in twitter and facebook not sure how uber driver read there perosnlaty based on thier rate here is my reading for you please share in twitter or face book Here is my Rate reading for all pax my 2 years experiences ...
  4. Complaints
    OK all riders (and drivers too): I have a little question for y'all.. What is a typical reason riders cancel the trip. NOT drivers, I'm talking about Riders. I do know, sometimes they did not need that ride anymore or something. But, as in my other thread, I had the unique reason for rider...
1-5 of 5 Results