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  1. Philadelphia
    New upfront Uber rider scam! Older woman 60 yrs old with kids under the name Fatima on Uber, she did know my name! Don't believe she stole the ride from anyone else but after they get in car, I accept trip and in transit. Woman tells me different directions instead saying its a shorter way just...
  2. Chicago
    1. Get pinged for a pool ride at 1.6x, accept. Drive to location, park. Get a text from the Store Manager, "Closing up, will be out soon." 2. While waiting, get notified of Additional Rider Automatically Added. Take a call from the rider giving a slight correction to their pickup location. 3...
  3. Washington DC
    I got a request for an uber rider's name Uber Tecnologies, when I get to pick him up, called me asking me for my personal information.
  4. Complaints
    I've made a strange discovery. If you pick up a surge rider and they change the destination sometime during the ride, you will not get paid surge pay. This happened to me twice it's the only explanation for not getting surge pay with those riders. I have reported it to Uber but have not...
1-4 of 4 Results