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  1. San Francisco
    i was really bored tonight and decided to take the spread sheet i keep and break it down a little for my own knowledge of how much uber actually takes from the total ride amount. I had long suspected it was 60%+ well my suspicions are confirmed :( on average the company takes a little over 50%...
  2. Pay
    I noticed yesterday that the $1.90 rider fee no longer appears on my estimated payout calculations. I had a minimum fare of $3.10 on my earnings page, so I know that the rider is still being charged the $1.90. Has anyone else noticed this? This fee seems like a way for them to just get a...
  3. Complaints
    Uber new update apparently gives drivers more money by highlighting areas that have a boosted fare and drivers can get paid more.. What many drivers haven't notice is that if you get a ride within that area, Uber will charge 4x or more of the regular fee and that is how they coat that you almost...
1-3 of 3 Results