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  1. Stories
    I was one of the first drivers to sign up to drive for Uber in 2014 for the Fort Myers/Naples/Cape Coral area and I also have the ignoble distinction to become the first Uber driver to be arrested for driving for Uber just because I was doing my job picking up riders from SWFL International...
  2. Ratings
    Why does it count against our percentage rate if we cancel per the request of the passenger? I usually ask the passenger to cancel but if they don't and I have to I always choose "customer requested" yet it goes against me...
  3. Stories
    Hi, I was wondering what happens if a rider, for any reason, cancels the trip while still traveling. As I understand, as soon as a rider cancels the ride, I as a driver am no longer protected by Uber's insurance. Is this correct? If a rider cancels in the middle of the journey, I would simply...
1-3 of 3 Results