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  1. Advice
    Let’s be honest this is the hard time that we all going through. I mean even if it’s part time job somewhere somewhat it will affect What will be the best time in this situation (Coronavirus) to drive ? what routes and time will be fruitful? hope you all are well and grinding hard.
  2. New Jersey
    I was waiting in New Brunswick and got Lyft XL request from Hilton hotel. When I got there to pick up pax and first thing I saw there were 7 pax’s and I thought it wasn’t going to be a pleasant ride. So, I got there and a women (white Spanish inbreed) opened my car front pax side door and...
  3. San Francisco
    Earlier today I accepted an X ping then realized I hadn’t checked the rating, saw it was 4.51 and Cancelled of course. As I was pondering the immense satisfaction this gave me I thought of the other drivers who’d suffered this guys shit enough to downrate him that far. And I thought, this is...
  4. News
    https://www.mansfieldnewsjournal.com/story/news/2019/02/19/uber-driver-says-man-said-he-vampire/2913404002/ MANSFIELD - An Uber driver told police he gave a ride home to an 18-year-old man Monday night who said he was a vampire and kept asking the driver if he wanted garlic. During the...
  5. Washington DC
    Dara in some poor attempt to show the ease of their convoluted app and exemplify the quality and ease of the job makes a big production of "doing an Uber ride". Are you kidding me !? What a "kitty cat". He does a ride in SAN FRANCISCO during the day. How easy and safe a trip can you get...
  6. Minneapolis
    http://www.citypages.com/news/rupaul-star-mayhem-miller-says-minneapolis-uber-driver-refused-him-a-ride-in-drag/488932591 Whenever a performer comes to town, Flip Phone director Chad Kampe sends an Uber to pick them up and take them to the venue. That's exactly what he did on Saturday for...
  7. Toronto (Ontario)
    Any one getting these regularly? :cool::cool::cool::cool: - Do they have a 90% acceptance rate requirement, like the Guaranteed Weekly earnings?:confused::confused::confused::confused:
  8. Minneapolis
    Hey all! I just signed up for Uber, not even approved yet, and wanted to get the inspection out of the way right away. I read on a couple of articles that there is an online service called Ride Share Mechanic where they can do the inspection via video chat. As soon as I got to the site and put...
  9. Minneapolis
    As i pull up the stench of booze and cigarettes were oozing through the doors. As they climbed into my car, the foul odor filled the car causing me to throw up in my mouth. We proceeded half mile down the road only to pull up to an Aldi where I waited 7 mins for them to come out with a...
  10. Chicago
    Hello is it me or is it very slow this week especially today in Northwest Suburbs, Ord Pretty much Lake county and cook county I’ve been on for 6 hours and made only 17$ and spent 25$ on gas. I have both apps running Lyft and Uber both super slow.
  11. News
    Uber Health with get patients to and from the doctor Article by CNN, author Sara Ashley O'Brien Uber is launching a new service that will help out patients who need rides to and from their doctors. Uber Heath will partner with health care providers, who will be able to schedule rides for...
  12. News
    The rapid rise of ride-sharing platforms such as Lyft and Uber around the globe is touted to disrupt the transportation industry (Tier 1 cities have already seen the shift). According to KraneShares, the "passenger economy" is forecasted to contribute $8 trillion to the global economy by 2050.
  13. Sydney
    Hi, I live in Mount Lewis ( beside Bankstown ). 1- Where do you reckon I must drive to receive requests when I start my day around 11am? 2- Sometimes riders take me to quiet suburbs and then I’ve no idea where to go after I drop them off. What do you do in similar cases? ex. few days ago I...
  14. News
    HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- A Houston man with an extreme case of a genetic disorder wants an apology from Uber. Reggie Bibbs, 52, suffers from neurofibromatosis which causes tumors to form on his skin. The condition is noticeable. Bibbs said last Monday he requested an Uber to take him to the...
  15. Portland
    Just gave my first ride of the week. Pick up 3 blocks from my home. Guy gets in the car, says "Thanks for picking me up" and hands me $7. Friendly convo the entire way. If only they all went like this. :)
  16. Minneapolis
    I was wondering if I will have any trouble finding a ride tomorrow around 8am? I would like to book ahead but it's not available in MSP. I am heading to Terminal 1 and would like to leave my home in West Bloomington at 8am.
  17. Advice
    So I have a semester to complete a project of my liking, in my interactive media production class. I chose an app that force closes Uber/Lyft from the status bar at the top when you drag it down, or a widget on the home screen that you can click to close what ever apps you choose, basically a 1...
  18. Birmingham
    hello everyone! So I'm new to doing this! A little about me: I'm a mom to 3 kids, I've been a stay at home mom for years, my husband is a master Electrician and he works his butt off plus we run our own electrical company! I'm purchasing a new vehicle because I truly need one but I don't wanna...
1-19 of 47 Results