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  1. Lyft
    Hey guys just seeing if anyone in Rhode island saw any pink zones this weekend, I haven't seen any since last Tuesday and I'm wondering if they are trying to get rid of it or if it's an issue with my app.
  2. Pay
    Stop driving for UBER. They pay BELOW minimum wage after mileage and wear and tear. The "quest" system is a joke. Now, you have to earn the "quest" system and other promotions by becoming a slave for 300 trips. Modern day slavery.
  3. Pay
    Wow, I am making so much money! I can't wait to pick out a tent so I can live the life of luxury in the woods behind Wal-Mart! Seriously, $10 an hour not counting wear and tear and mileage to the restaurants. Uber has become the scum of the Earth.
  4. San Francisco
    It was just a matter of time!!! Glad I got away from Uber and Lyft. Never felt better!!!!! https://chicago.suntimes.com/business/uber-lyft-drivers-rally-city-council-budget-hearing-wages-ride-hailing/
  5. Advice
    Does anyone know why my ptc license hasn’t shown up in the app yet? I have the email confirming that I have it, it even has a license number in the email. I know it’s says not required but it is required to drive in Toronto, Mississauga and Oakville or else you can get charged. I’ve called Uber...
  6. News
    https://www.dig-in.com/news/chubb-sure-partner-to-launch-mobile-distributed-accident-coverage-for-rideshare Ride-sharing passengers will be able to buy accident and death coverage in a smartphone app. Insuretech SURE is rolling out a new insurance product, underwritten by Chubb, that...
  7. News
    After CNN report, lawmakers want answers from Uber, Lyft on sexual assaults http://money.cnn.com/2018/05/21/technology/uber-lawmakers-letter-driver-assaults/index.html Lawmakers are demanding answers from ridesharing companies about sexual violence on their platforms. Nine members of Congress...
  8. Melbourne
    Hi guys, just got my renewal insurance has gone to $145 per month from $65 WTF Alliance must sign you up cheap and then hit you with a 75% increase . Any cheap ride share insurance out there thanks Regards Legend
  9. Stories
    FYI: Reposting this story as my last submittal was removed due to subtle reference to my website. If anyone wants to know where they can read more of my stories, just ask. If your dog ate a half pound of your prized stash, what would you do? This is one of my favorite all-time rides as it...
  10. Tampa
    Ok, so - I just got off the phone with a GEICO rep - they went live with their policy today. Did not speak to the British Lizard directly, but got a friendly, very knowledgeable rep instead ! Numbers are elusive, because they do things differently . They do not add a rider to your personal...
  11. Las Vegas
    MAKE MORE MONEY AS A RIDE-SHARE DRIVER IN LAS VEGAS!!! (UPDATE - Nevada does not have surge times this is new information we have received from your fellow drivers in the Las Vegas area) You recently beat a bill in the legislature that was trying to limit or stop your ability to operate freely...
  12. Advice
    After finishing my initial bonus program I published this article on the Lyft experience. In the blog posting I discuss my experiences and opinions of the economics, expenses, alternative income, ecology, psychology and other aspects of the ride-sharing business model. Hope this helps anyone...
  13. Tampa
    Is there rideshare insurance now for fla?
  14. Indianapolis
    Hello Everyone - I am venturing out into the Uber Driving world, have been doing it for about 2 months, thought I did my homework, found this website and now realize that I may have looked over a few things. First - why do we need ride share insurance, I contacted my current agent and yes, I...
  15. Las Vegas
    Came to Las Vegas from Maui, Hawaii. Tuff finding a job as a server. If you don't know someone in this city, You pay the price... So be it. Friend said to me, "go uber!" So bought a new Prius, great deal. But now the owner of three cars. So a ubering I go... Off to a great start. Working hard...
  16. Advocacy
    I've been pinging developers to produce a collective bargaining app for ride share app drivers. What it would be in essence is a way to give the drivers a collective voice. As long as each driver is an "independent contractor", and things like the rating system remain arbitrary, or the help...
  17. Brevard County
    I have been told by my Insurance Company that once my coverage is up, they will no longer be able to offer me insurance. They stated that I need to get a RIDE SHARE insurance along with a personal policy and that they do not offer it.... I love driving with UBER and really want to continue to do...
  18. Fort Myers & Naples
    How is the ride share going in Naples?
  19. Des Moines
    A previous thread was created Aug. 31 about potential issues with insurance for Iowa UberX drivers. No one responded, so I thought I would ask a similar question. I'm a relatively new Uber driver (I started in Aug., so I didn't suffer the 30% fare decrease, and for now I'm only driving part-time...
1-19 of 20 Results