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  1. Pay
    As a driver in the Atlanta, GA area, I personally completed more than 2,000 rides combined on both Uber and Lyft platforms and in the process I had systematically collected and analyzed those rides in terms of unloaded miles and wait times. What I found was that I had to work long hours - on...
  2. Philadelphia
    http://www.npr.org/sections/alltechconsidered/2017/01/21/510479642/survey-finds-lyft-drivers-happier-than-uber-though-pay-has-declined Im jumping ship soon
  3. Notifications
    I've been going round with Support with the issue of being unable to see ride types in requests X vs Pool (see attached) when accepting rides. 15 emails later I got the clowns to admit to masking the ride types. The ride type will no longer be visible. It's not the software folks, it's yet...
  4. Singapore
    A price comparison site published a study comparing the prices of the average Uber, Grab and conventional taxis and highlighting which were the cheaper option. Though it is obvious the ride hailing services are more cost efficient than taxis, the research shows that Grab provides a cheaper...
  5. Los Angeles & Orange County
    Just heard an NPR radio piece on LAPD conducting stings on illegal ride hailing and bandit cabs throughout Southern California. An undercover rider would pretend to be a distressed person flagging an Uber or Lyft driver down. He or she will pretend not to have access to rideshare apps and...
  6. Phoenix
    Beware if you pick up in downtown Phoenix. I got lectured last night by a Phoenix officer that after Feb 2016 they will enforce illegal drop offs and pick ups it's a $1500 fine if they think your street hailing. The officer was nice enough not to write me a $300 ticket for illegally parking at...
1-6 of 6 Results