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  1. Austin
    Why do my fellow Uber/Lyft/ride austin driver's feel entitled to stop in the middle lane to drop off ? It is pretty frustrating as it is with the continuous flow of pedestrians crossing & holding the traffic.
  2. Austin
    Just got the 1099 notice from RideAustin today and I was surprised to see that Charity Roundups are included in our Gross Earnings. Does anyone know if RA is actually claiming the charitable donation for all the drivers or do the drivers get to claim the roundup charitable donation? Because it...
  3. Austin
    I had 2 trips yesterday with a bunch of people from Boston - when I asked them why they didn't request a Fasten trip 5 of 6 people said that they didn't know what Fasten was. WTF?? Every day I see the city light up with "fake" Fasten boosts all over town (DT, Campus, Domain, Bee Cave). I used...
  4. Austin
    How do drivers like Ride Austin? What are the rates? Should this be in more cities ?
  5. Austin
    Thanks in advance for anything you can tell us! Your responses will be used for a study of Ride Austin's business plan. 1. On a scale of 1-10 (10 being the greatest), how satisfied are you with driving at Ride Austin? 2. How often do you experience any form of contact -- emails, calls...
1-5 of 5 Results