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  1. Complaints
    I am a very frequent Uber and occasionally Lyft customer. I use Uber roughly 10-12 times per week, and Lyft only when I can’t get a ride in a timely fashion. I simply prefer not to drive and do not like the metro in DC. I follow the news closely and came across this forum after searching...
  2. Philadelphia
    Anyone else having a problem seeing new ratings and reviews? After I updated to the new app I only see the last 500 reviews. Thanks for letting me know
  3. UberEATS
    There are so many 1 star ratings and reviews for the UberEats app. Have you guys ever checked it out? Not holding my breath, but hopefully they will take this into consideration (in combination with driver complaints) and make some changes for the better.
  4. Advice
    Here's a possible scenario: Since the rating system is shrouded in mystery, and you have no idea who is rating what, a rider can take multiple trips over a weekend and end up getting dinged. Since they have no idea who dinged them, but are feeling vengeful, they simply go back and hammer...
  5. Ratings
    Is there anyone out there who is getting negative reported issues by the mass? I have 4 for attitude 2 for car cleanliness, multiple for safety issues and multiple for navigation and arrival time complaints. This is all a shock to me as I'm clean freak and have only driven with my brand new 2016...
1-5 of 5 Results