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  1. Articles
    Do I really need a dashcam? Recently I acquired a new dashcam. I won't complain about my old dashcam. I will simply say that having the proper features in a dashcam is Uber important. Yes, that was a play on words. As an older person in society, I have heard some really stupid stuff in my...
  2. Lyft
    Hi, who had this problem? what do you do? Please help me!
  3. Delivery
    Soo ive been doing postmates and uber for 3 months now. I really enjoy this job. When my bills are low and want to do other stuff i sometimes take 3 days off then grind the rest of the week. Thats Awesome! Here are my feelings about the two companies for anyone thats wondering what its like...
  4. Pay
    I had a ride requested during a surge and when I viewed my payment for that ride there isn't even a breakdown. Traffic was gridlocked after a concert so pax met me where I was, couple blocks from the event. The drop off location was given to me verbally by the pax. It was a 21 min. duration...
1-4 of 4 Results