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  1. Advice
    Is this technically an example of "long hauling"?
  2. News
    CNBC: Uber reports another big loss but beats on revenue, shares pop 13%
  3. Melbourne
    Which one you think last longer and do most damage?? Apparently, Chinese thinking of investing heavily in Australia as it was the safest and fastest cuuntry to vanish Corona alongside NZ!! Come October 2021, property should skyrocket!! BTW, its G.Floydd for a later choice!! :sleep:
  4. News
    Full: https://www.latimes.com/business/la-fi-airport-uber-parking-revenue-20190301-story.html%3foutputType=amp Airport officials were understandably nervous when Uber and Lyft drivers began pulling up at terminals across the country a few years ago. After all, more fliers using the relatively...
  5. Seattle
    https://www.theinformation.com/articles/u-s-slowdown-at-uber-and-lyft "The once-hot ride-hailing business is cooling down-just as the two biggest players are thinking about going public. "Revenue growth rates for the U.S. ride-hailing businesses of Uber and Lyft slowed this summer to their...
  6. Ratings
    Disclaimer: "Not that I'm doing it." We all know the rating system is s*** . Setting aside that this is cheating other drivers who rely on (the "integrity" of ) ratings, can I "sell" 5-star ratings (for tips) to my riders, is this a violation of TOS?
  7. News
    The ride-hailing giant opens up about its financials for the first time in an interview with Bloomberg. April 14, 2017, 1:30 PM EDT April 14, 2017, 3:03 PM EDT by Eric Newcomer Uber Technologies Inc. isn't required to report its finances publicly, but the privately held company has decided to...
  8. Montreal (French Canada)
    Drivers now need to have C4. Are there less drivers on the road ? Is pay better in December ?
  9. Taxes
    Any Irish drivers on here? Is doing your own taxes as self-employed complicated? I have people telling me I need an accountant or bookkeeper and it's not worth it if I'm not pulling in more than €1000/week. I'm just going to be doing on the weekends, making ~€200/week. Someone else told me...
  10. Montreal (French Canada)
    I was questioning myself what would be a driver's benefit with the Pilot project. Income minus commission minus expenses minus 28.5% income tax (Qc 16% Can 12.5%) - will leave what kind of revenue to drivers ? Is it worth the trouble ?
  11. Miami
    OK, just started on LUX, and so far just a few $30 to $60 rides... been working LUX for just 3 days and I wanted to get an idea of the weekly NET revenue potential. NET meaning the amount of money deposited to your account after UBER fees. Thanks! Uber1Kenobi
  12. Tips
    I was listening to a talk show this morning and they were talking about how some restaurants in SF are adding surcharges and completely removing tips / or saying "tip included" (just like Uber is saying)... Is this becoming the way of the future / a new economic trend to entice customers to...
1-12 of 13 Results