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  1. Flex
    So, I had 3 pkgs to same apartment complex (2 to same customer). Instructions said to deliver to leasing office. Office was dark, locked up tight, and no one anywhere in sight. Returned to wh at the end of my route. Put them on a rack labeled "attempted". Rcv'd email today saying I didn't...
  2. Lyft
    lyft ambassador txted me that they available cars in their location, knowing that its hard to reserve one i drove myself to rent a car at around 10:am and once everything was done and i was good to go, I have an emergency call from home so i drove my car back and left the rental car at their...
  3. Stories
    I started an fb page for uBer passengers. A guy posted that uBer service is bad, that he had lost his sunglasses and they had not been returned. So I wrote him back, explaining there is friction between drivers and passengers, thinking that it was the driver, in this case, who would not return...
  4. New York City
    I went to Ray de Jesus Insurance in Corona Queens on 102-09 37th ave and I didn't have any idea how much money I could save just by driving with my TLC car. He really knows how to work the system of taxes for drivers. Will use him for ever now!
1-4 of 4 Results