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  1. Los Angeles & Orange County
    I get a lot of people needing rides to LAX so I take them! Good money for me however I can never seem to get a ride directly from LAX to anywhere. I always have to drive away from LAX to start picking up PAX. Any insight? Thanks!
  2. Advice
    so every weekend after 4 am I try to use destination filter to get a run to an airport that is an hour away... in the past I could take the person there, drive drive back towards my original starting point,,, with destination filter still running and get continuous returns to the airport... now...
  3. Advice
    Hello guys, I'm not an Uber Driver but hopefully someone can clarify me. I will be having a trip to the Philippines soon and I'm quite not used to the area. I'll be landing at NAIA Terminal 2 and planning to go to Trece Martires, Cavite. Now, I just found out that Trece Martires, Cavite is not...
1-3 of 3 Results