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  1. Washington DC
    Leave Fredericksburg at 3:30 am Tuesday nov. 29 to Dulles Airport. Must be dependable and arrive on time in a clean Uber quality vehicle. Please contact me, thanks. RW
  2. San Francisco
    Am I missing something here ? I thought there was an option to book in advance, I have gone through every clickable icon on my Uber app but there is option to Schedule a ride..where is the button to select a date?? My app just goes from select location/destination/ select car, then " call uber"...
  3. News
    July 16, 2016 Prior to this month, UZURV ride pre-scheduling was only available to UBER passengers in a limited number of cities. The service is now expanding to Lyft customers. Full Story: http://www.travelpulse.com/news/travel-technology/uzurv-adds-lyft-to-advanced-scheduling-service.html...
  4. Advice
    I started driving for uber in Nashville over 2 years ago. Money was good. Then it wasn't. Now it isn't. About a year and a half ago I started working on an idea. I met with a lot of venture capitalists and investors, some out in Silicon Valley and others in different places across the country...
1-4 of 4 Results